Productive day


Though the rest of the country is dealing with bitter cold and snow, we are having unseasonably warm weather here. I had been planning on cleaning out the garage this weekend, but Daddy was’t exactly thrilled with the thought of staying indoors with our rowdy kiddos while I started the long process. So, we brought the kids outside so they could play while we got some work accomplished. Ya Ya came out with baby Lyla as well, and they all enjoyed bubbles, sidewalk chalk, ‘fencing’ with Daddy with pool noodles and nerf swords, and of course the warm sunshine.

Earlier in the day, Momma and baby brother headed to the Shriners clinic that was in town so we could get another check on how his feet are doing and get him some bigger boots. His feet had completely grown out of the boots, and though I had hoped they would just send us the next size up, they had wanted us to wait for the clinic to come to town. We weren’t thrilled with the idea of meeting with the doctor we don’t like, but the orthopedics department told us to just come first thing in the morning to avoid him. Well, we got an appointment automatically set up for us and the confirmation in the mail, so I just decided to have the doctor take a look. I knew it was going to take awhile, and thankfully a very cranky baby fell asleep on the way to the appointment. He slept for about an hour in his carseat while we waited in the waiting room, then it was about another 45 minutes later before we saw the doctor. Took all of about 10 minutes for him to say his feet are “looking great”. Good news, yet annoying have to wait so long to hear it. At any rate, we then went to the ortho department where we realized that baby brother hadn’t just gone up a size in his boots, he had gone up 2 sizes! He had jumped from size 0, to size 2. They are definitely big, but the size 1’s were too small, so hopefully we won’t need to change anytime soon.

We were cleared by the doctor for a 6 month checkup, so we probably won’t need to have to see them in June. That is when their next clinic is scheduled to come down here to our town. However, I’m not exactly thrilled about having to drive the 5 hours to get to the hospital for a 10 minute “looking good” either. Of course, it IS always nice to have confirmation by the doctors that everything is going well. Plus, who knows, we may need another shoe/boot change before then anyway.

All in all, it felt like a productive day. Hopefully this momentum will continue as we have another week and half of clear skies and warmer Spring-like weather. And, we are prepping for a GIANT garage sale to make room in our house for us to live comfortably again. We have WAY too much stuff! Of course, with a family of 5, who doesn’t have too much stuff?

IMG_0497 IMG_0496 IMG_0492


Dinner time


This year for Christmas, the kids got a play kitchen to share. Along with the play kitchen, came some play food and utensils. Those utensils happen to be one of baby brother’s absolute favorite toys to play with. It made all of us nervous at first because he was starting to crawl, and we worried that the utensils would accidentally get jammed down his throat. While still a mild concern, we quickly realized that baby brother like to put them in his mouth as though he were actually using them to eat. I have tried to let him use a baby spoon when he eats pureed baby food, but he still gets a little over excited and often just flings the food all over the place then whines because it didn’t make it into his mouth. Tonight, I gave him a baby fork. I was curious to see what he would do with it. To my surprise, he took to it like a pro. Had a hard time spearing his carrots and broccoli, but when I helped him get a piece on the fork, he carefully put it in his mouth and was able to eat off of it. He is growing so quickly! Such a big boy!

IMG_3000 IMG_2999

Babies X2


Today, little sister and I got to have fun playing with 2 babies! Baby brother, and our new little cousin. Ya Ya had an appointment and used our family car, so she also got to pick up big brother from school later in the afternoon. Baby Lyla was here for about 2 hours, and she had so much fun with her Auntie and cousins. She had so much fun in fact, they tuckered her right out and she literally passed out when her Mommy came home.

Both babies fell asleep in the beginning, then both woke up around 20-30 minutes later. We played for the next hour, mostly on the floor. Baby brother sat up (with Momma sitting behind him), and I held baby Lyla on my shoulder. Then we changed diapers and both babies happily watched Sissy play with the baby toys. After awhile, both babies started to get restless and tired. I had to alternate holding one or the other. Baby brother was mostly just fussy and wanted snuggles, while Baby Lyla was wanting her Mommy and to nurse herself to sleep. Thankfully, it was only about 10-15 minutes of crying before Ya Ya came back, and by that time, I had almost managed to get Baby Lyla to sleep. Thankfully, it went much smoother than it could have been. Sissy and Momma had fun tickling the tummies of the babies, and playing with all the colorful, squishy, and jingly baby toys. Because both babies nurse on demand and get held for most of the day, I was worried that they would both need to be constantly held. To my surprise and delight, they were happy just to be in the company of each other. All in all, a very fun few hours with some super cute kiddos.




We appear to have a picky eater on our hands. Baby brother wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the sweet potato, yet LOVES his banana. Last night, he had to warm up to the mashed potato, but in the end, he seemed to be a fan. Tonight, the carrots were a ‘no-go’. He kept making the “yuck” face and mouth motion, and the more I kept pushing in his mouth, the more he kept trying to push out. Eventually, he gagged and most of what I manage to get in, came out. I eventually gave him some cold grapes in the little mesh eater, and he suckled happily for quite awhile. Gnawing and chomping down hard. I briefly pulled it out of his mouth and tried to sneak in a small bite of carrot, and our poor baby started crying. His big brother and sister were big veggie fans, and didn’t take to sweet foods in the beginning (except big brother did love his bananas), but it looks so far like we aren’t going to be as lucky with baby brother. I will keep trying the veggies, and maybe add a little fruit to see if he will take it in then. Who knows.

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The poor, neglected carrots in the foreground take a backseat to the sweet red grapes

The poor, neglected carrots in the foreground take a backseat to the sweet red grapes in the mouth

Happy baby boy

We had an extremely hard night last night. Both Momma and baby were up about every 1-2 hours. In fact, I don’t think I got a 2 hour stretch after I went to bed around 10:30pm. As a result, Momma was extremely tired this morning, and a certain baby boy was a big grumpus. Thankfully, we had a great day! Baby brother was in a great mood and even had bananas for the first time for lunch. And LOVED it!

Another think baby brother is really loving lately is Mickey Mouse and Yo Gabba Gabba. When we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he waits patiently for Mickey Mouse to come on the screen and then starts “oooohhhhing” and bouncing up and down and waving his arms around. He seems to like to do the same thing when he sees DJ Lance, or the Yo Gabba Gabba characters. He especially loves when the characters sing. Just like his big brother and sister did when they were younger.

They grow up so quickly, so thank goodness for the days I manage to get some photo or video of them. Momma was able to get a cute little video of him watching Yo Gabba Gabba earlier today, and big brother got a cute video of making him laugh while jumping up and down and making funny noises.

Please excuse the messy house, kitchen, and Momma

Big kids

This has been a hard week of rough sleep and sniffles. As hard as we tried not to, a seasonal cold seemed to travel through our family of 5. Thankfully, it only lasted a few days each. Even though the days seemed to overlap each other, we managed to get through. A little grumpy, tired, and sore, but we made it.

Now that we are officially in Fall, it seems even more apparent just how big all our kiddos are getting. Even though it has only been a few short weeks, our older kiddos seem to have absorbed so much from school and are enjoying practicing their new skills and sharing it with each other and will us all. We hear them singing songs together, talking about their friends together, and playing with and talking about their day to baby brother. If we are going to have to suffer through the sniffles, at least we are doing it while bonding.

IMG_1624 IMG_1626


Playing all day is tough work!

Playing all day is tough work!

Big brother working on his Spanish homework on the IPAD

Big brother working on his Spanish homework on the IPAD

Listening intently as big brother pronounces his Spanish vocabulary.

Listening intently as big brother pronounces his Spanish vocabulary.


Baby brother's very first time in the big stroller.

Baby brother’s very first time in the big stroller.

IMG_2529 IMG_2531

19 weeks and counting…

Our 19 week old photo of big brother is one of my all-time favorites of him! Though the same shot of Sissy didn’t quit turn out the same way, it is still very special because it is the day she got her little ears pierced. Yesterday, it was baby brother’s turn. Yet another very special day, as it was the day their new baby cousin came home from the hospital. I love looking at all three of the photos and enjoying how much they have grown, and continue to grow…

Baby brother at 19 weeks old

Baby brother at 19 weeks old

Sissy at 19 weeks old

Sissy at 19 weeks old

Big brother at 19 weeks old

Big brother at 19 weeks old

Jumping for joy


Daddy finally had time to get back up into the attic and retrieve some more baby items for baby brother. One of the main things we were hoping to get was the johnny jumper. Thankfully, Daddy had a pretty good idea where it was, and when we brought it down and set it up, a certain baby boy in our house thoroughly enjoyed himself. Grammy was over visiting at the time, and got to witness firsthand the happy faces baby brother gave us all. He did still want us all to pay attention to him, but he happily swayed back and forth and tried to bounce himself up and down. He can’t exactly jump on his own yet, but he was trying. I have a feeling, once those b&b come off during the day, he is really going to jump around. At least for now, he seems to like it much better than his big brother did. And big brother and sister sure enjoy watching their baby brother enjoy himself.

DSC_0113 DSC_0114

What a week!

We have had a crazy week! I know that is a cliche statement, but this time it literally explains this past week! All of our kiddos have been little pills lately. We have had to deal with multiple tantrums, meltdowns, bad attitudes, and overall crankiness. Has not been fun to say the least. The weather continues to be about as comfortable as sitting in an oven, and that has made for very difficult outings.

So much has seemed to go on with baby brother this past week, but I will try to save most of it and talk about it tomorrow. I will say, though, that his little gums still seem to be bothering him, and his has not wanted to sleep well, or be away from Momma at all. He has also developed a very scary yell for urgency. If you don’t attend to his cries fast enough, he lets out a horrible wail. This is especially not fun when he is right near your ear. Or when he is in the bath and it is echoing, and you have a horrible migraine. I know this from experience.

It hasn’t been just baby brother this week. For whatever reason, little sister has been overly whiny, and it is making everyone in the house feel very uncomfortable and stressed. It isn’t really over anything particular, just most things in general. When she doesn’t get her way (obviously), but even when she does, she still whines or cries for some reason. Also, she has been having lots of potty accidents, which are very frustrating. She is still very good about going herself when she needs to, except when she has to go “number 2”. She just doesn’t want to go. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she can’t hold it as long as big brother did (for days at a time), so when it becomes too much for her, she ends up having an accident. It only there wasn’t a baby and an boy with a negative attitude requiring my constant attention, cleaning her up would be so much easier.

Big brother has been asking so many questions lately. Normally, we embrace his questions and encourage them, but his questions lately have been “Why do I have to…” or “Why are you always making me…” and my least favorite “Why are you always telling me to…”. Not sure why we seem to have a teenager all of a sudden, but he seems to be questioning every direction we have been giving him. Very frustrating!

Earlier in the week, Momma just about lost it! We had far too many errands to run in the afternoon, which included a trip to the grocery store. We had planned on going to the grocery store that has the play area for the kids so Momma didn’t have to deal with our older two while shopping, and they were very much looking forward to playing with all the toys. Well, it ended up being closed for some reason. Of course, little sister starts crying, and big brother pulls out his negative attitude, accompanied by his scowl and heavy sighs. Baby brother wiggled, squirmed and cried. Though I wanted to just turn around and come home, we carried on with coupons in hand, and 3 tired kiddos hanging off Momma and the shopping cart. We made it through our trip, but sister had us stopped everything we were doing twice to use the potty. Then, as we were checking out, she had to go again, and because she hadn’t gone “number 2” all day, I was afraid she was going to have an accident. Thankfully she didn’t, but I was soooo exhausted from holding a heavy baby, pushing the heavy shopping cart full of groceries and baby brother’s carseat, and the heat from the weather was making me feel hot, sweaty, sticky and all around uncomfortable. Not to mention little sister had to use the potty at pretty much every place we had been to before the grocery store. By the time I got us and the groceries into the car, I didn’t know if I even had any energy left for the drive home. I was soooo tuckered out! I called Daddy to let him know we were on our way home, and he told me that the nurses had called from the pediatricians office to finally give us the results from sister’s procedures she had the past Thursday. I had already called them and talked to them about 2-3 hours earlier. Though I shouldn’t have, I felt even more frustrated at their incompetence and I started to cry. It probably wasn’t the doctors office call, I was just so tired and couldn’t process anymore emotions. Thankfully, I pulled myself together and we made it home and through the rest of the evening.

In addition to all the stress in the house, Daddy has had to have a tooth pulled, and it isn’t healing well. He has already been back to the oral surgeon, and will need more follow up appointments to make sure the bone and area around the pulled tooth will heal the way they should. He has pain medicine in addition to an antibiotic, but he is still in extreme amounts of pain. This is very hard to watch for all of us.

This weekend, we had planned on the kids going to visit Grammy and Grampa so Momma and Daddy could decompress and relax a bit. Also, there is a bit of housework that Momma was hoping to catch up on. Well, randomly, Daddy thought it would be fun for just the two of us to hit up a few garage sales in the area without the kiddos at our heals. Daddy NEVER wants to go ‘garage sailing’. I was very surprised, but happily agreed. Well, just down one block from our house, the very first garage sale we came upon, we ended up with a big purchase. We weren’t expecting to find a bunk bed that would fit so well for our family. We got a great deal on it (along with a few toys, clothes and books for the kids), and came back to have Grampa Alex help us get it in his truck and bring it back. I had thought that Daddy wanted to store the bed until we were ready for it to go in big brother’s room, but Daddy was too excited. He and Grampa spend most of the afternoon putting it together and setting it up. It turned out very nicely and the kids are IN LOVE with it! For now, big brother will sleep on the bottom and we have his old box spring on the top so his stuffed animals can sit up there. Eventually, big brother will make his way to the top and little sister will sleep on the bottom, so baby brother can move to sleep in her room. This isn’t going to be happening just yet, but hopefully in the next few months.

While Daddy and Grampa worked on the bed, Momma finally got some of the housework done. Mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning both bathrooms top to bottom, laundry, and the stove. Daddy and Momma do spot & light cleaning on the weekends so their isn’t a terrible buildup of grime and grease, but our home hasn’t had a good cleaning since we brought baby brother home. Boy did it need it! It was exhausting, but Daddy helped out with the kitchen, and the kids had dinner at Grammy’s house.

Tonight, the special time with Grammy and the kids continues as they walked down to the park for a screening of Rio 2. Baby brother stayed at home and went to bed, but the older kiddos got to stay up way past their bedtimes, eat snacks, and watch a fun movie under the stars. Ya Ya even tagged along for the fun. As I packed the wagon with their pillows and blankets to take with them,  I started to wish Momma and Daddy were going along with them. I knew they would have fun, and I didn’t want to miss it. But, as they all walked down the road and I waved to the kids who were sitting in their cute little wagon, I realized they needed time with their Grammy, and Momma desperately needed time to sit and finally relax! WHAT A WEEK!

Looks like a fun night in the park!

Looks like a fun night in the park!

Big Brother's 'new' bed(s)

Big Brother’s ‘new’ bed(s)