45 weeks old


Baby brother is moving right along and getting bigger and bigger by the minute. Now at 45 weeks old, he is starting to gain a bit more independence, entertaining himself, trying to play along with his siblings (as though he was there age), and starting to eat more chunky & solid foods. He is getting more and more rough, and we have to monitor him closely when he is near baby Lyla or he is likely to bonk her in the face or head, or throw a toy at her chest. He is just trying to play with her and of course, doesn’t understand he is being too rough with her. He understands “gentle”, and will stroke her or grab her cheek when he wants to give her a kiss, but then he starts to play like he is teasing or something. She is taking it like a trooper though, and has learned to use her hands as protection. You can see in her face, also, that she is now more aware of what he is going to do next.

On Friday, baby brother let go of the couch (he was holding onto for support while standing) for the very first time! He did it two more times in the morning and afternoon. One of the times, he let go of Momma’s knees, and the other time he let go of the ottoman. Such a big boy! One of the first things he does in the morning after he has eaten his breakfast, is go right to the play kitchen. He loves to stand in the play sink area, and make lots of noise with other toys. He loves that he is the same height as the sink. I think it makes him accomplished and proud. We are all proud of him!

IMG_0555Also on Friday, I noticed a small pin-prickle-like rash under baby brother’s arms. I thought it may have something to do with the shirt he was wearing. When I pulled it from the closet, I didn’t realize it was a new shirt that I hadn’t washed yet. Normally I wash all new clothes before I put them away. I think it was an bigger-sized outfit he received as a newborn that was hung up waiting for him to fit into it. At any rate, I figured it would be ok for a few hours of wear without prior washing. IMG_0558When I took the shirt off in the afternoon, I noticed the rash. I didn’t put the shirt back on, but the rash stayed even as we were putting on his jammies for the night. By the morning, the rash was now red bloches on his tummy and under his arms. They still didn’t seem too bad, and they weren’t bothering him at all. After our pancake breakfast (baby brother also made a mess of a fresh banana), I noticed after I wiped him down, the rash was all over his belly, neck, and back. And was spreading quickly. I knew it looked like hives, but the only think I could think of that was new was the shirt he had worn the day before. I also didn’t know the correct dose of benadryl to give him, so I thought I would call the doctor to see what the recommended does would be. Of course, they would always rather be safe than sorry when it comes to recommended you anything over the phone (which I was kind of afraid of), they suggested I bring him right down. The office had just opened for the Saturday sick appointments, so I should be able to just walk right in. The on-call doctor suggested it had to do with the antibiotic he is on, even though Sunday was scheduled to be his last day. He had gone 9 days without a rash, so I thought it was weird that it would present itself now. Also, since he had gotten it around Christmas for another ear infection. Well, she said she would put in his file a developed amoxocilin allergy, and told us to stop it. She checked his ears and said they looked fine, and told us to give him a 1/2 tsp. of benadryl. I held off until yesterday, as I didn’t want him whiny, fussy, or drowsy for our Saturday family day. I was also hoping after the antibiotic had left his system, the hives would go away. By last night, it was pretty clear they weren’t going anywhere on their own.

Aside from a rash that doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all, he is doing pretty well. He seems to be hurting his sister a lot lately, though I somewhat feel she has done that to herself. He has adapted to her rough way of playing with him, and now the result is him being rough right back. I have to watch myself now too, or I end up getting a high five to the face or my glasses ripped right off my face.

DSC_0553One of the fun things about having multiple kids is getting to see all their different personalties. They are all so similar, and are essentially being raised the same way, but they all figure things out on their own differently. DSC_0545And they handle different situations differently. Baby brother certainly seems to fit that ‘little boy’ stereotype already. He is very rough, loves to get dirty, loves playing outside, and already seems very athletic. He has learned to bounce and dance now, and likes to do this while he stands. He even makes sounds that seem like he is saying “jump jump”. He keeps improving his ‘throwing’ skills, and his aim and intensity are getting pretty spot on. We have to watch him now because he doesn’t really understand what is appropriate to throw and what isn’t. Yes, we created this monster by gently rolling the soft balls across the floor to him and encouraging him when he threw it back. Now, pretty much anything in his reach he will try to throw at you and yell “catch” (or at least it resembles the sound ‘catch’). Even if it is something clearly not meant to be thrown, which is most of his toys. He also really REALLY loves to bang two toys together to make noise. All our kids seem to be very musical.

DSC_0536Still no other teeth, though he has started drooling quite a big again. Along with his need to put his gums and teeth on everything lead us to believe we are getting close to more. His sleeping is still staying fairly consistent. Still waking about 2-4 times per night, but the first stretch is getting pretty long, so at least I’m getting a good 3-5 hours before I have to wake up in the early mornings. Speaking of early morning, his new wake time seems to be between 6:15-6:40am. NOT used to this. He doesn’t go back to sleep. I guess this isn’t completely unreasonable, but we don’t really get up this early in our house, unless we have somewhere to be, and in that case, we like the kids to sleep so I can get things done before the chaos of kids. Hopefully this will balance out now that daylight savings time has hit. It seemed to work well this morning getting the kids ready for school. He stayed sleeping while we needed him to, and woke up after Daddy had driven our older two to school. The normal routine until a week or so ago.

All in all, it was a fun week with baby brother and his siblings. Yesterday, he accompanied Momma and Daddy to Lowes as we looked for a lawn mower. When we came home, he happily sat in the box it came in while Grampa and Daddy set it up and mowed both lawns. Grampa kept calling it our ‘hillbilly playpen’. After big brother and sister say how much fun he seemed to be having, they insisted on getting in with him. You just never get a moment to yourself in our little family of 5. Though I think all of us would agree, the company is sure worth it!

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The more the merrier

The more the merrier