Family fun day

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Again, we had wonderful, sunny weather in the forecast, and our little family decided to make the most of it! We started out with pancakes for breakfast in the morning, and we even invited Grampa, Ya Ya and baby Lyla over to share. After a quick cleanup (and a brief trip to the doctor to check on a rash baby brother developed), we were headed out for the day.

IMG_2545First stop was the family fun center. Daddy had planned on going pretty close to opening so we could avoid big crowds and birthday parties. We arrived about an hour and a half after they opened, and though it seemed crowded, it was just all the commotion from the arcade. Immediately after we walked it, little sister covered her ears so tightly with her hands you couldn’t pry them off. Baby brother started bouncing up and down as I held him on my hip, and was looking back and forth and at all the lights and sounds. Daddy and big brother got some tokens right away and started playing games. After we found them, it took about 10-15 minutes of watching them play games for Sissy to finally release her hands from her ears. We found a game that you put in a token and push a big red button to win tokens. A big rubber ball would fall into a hole with a number in it and you would win that many tickets. It took about 10 times of Momma doing it, Daddy doing it, and big brother doing it, before she suddenly decided it wasn’t scary. She smiled and enjoyed herself, though she didn’t feel so brave when it came to ANY other game in the arcade. At least she enjoyed something.

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IMG_2591After the arcade, we ventured outside to the outdoor activities. Daddy and big brother raced around in a go-cart, then Daddy took Sis into a bumper boat, where they got into a ‘squirt war’ with a few older kids who were in the paddle boats next to them. They had a great time, and the other kids ended up getting soaked. Good thing it was a sunny day!

Next up, big brother took his own turn at the kiddie karts, and then crashed into the barrier. I’m glad little sister had to use the potty, so I wasn’t outside to see it. Before we left, the kids got to pick out prizes with their tickets. Little sister was mostly excited about dum dums, but she also picked out a princess wand. Big brother picked out some sweet tarts, a few army men, and some big red dice.

IMG_2627Next stop was a lunch out. The weather was starting to get much warmer, and the parking lot at the family fun center was completely packed, so it was good timing. We drove down the street to the Sonic with Quiznos across the parking lot. Momma, Daddy, and baby brother enjoyed sandwiches, while big brother and sister had corndogs and milkshakes. We sat on picnic benches under the shade of beautiful smelling, blossoming trees. The kids played a little in the grass while we finished our meal, and baby brother laughed and clapped at them doing so.

Last stop for the day was the toy store. I had saved up quite a few coupons, and big brother had been saving his allowance. He was happy to pick out some toys, and was somewhat careful in keeping track of how much money he could spend. With all the coupons, he only went over by .37 cents. Pretty good! Sissy and baby brother got a few toys on clearance as well. $7 total. All in all, we saved over $20 dollars with the coupons and sales. Not too shabby, and the kids were proud of themselves for picking out their toys.

It was a busy day, and though we were home by the afternoon, Momma and Daddy were exhausted! It was well worth it though. It was so great to watch them have fun and smile. We enjoy doing things together as a family, but something about this weekend and the weather seemed to make it even more enjoyable.

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