Lyla is six months old!

6 m3

Date: March 4th, 2015

Height: 25 inches long

Weight: 16 lbs. 10 oz

Sleep pattern: Still is waking up a bit more frequently. Now sleeps in bed with Mommy, not on the couch. We have the crib set up, but not much success using it yet.

Eating habits: Still nurses constantly, but now has been eating rice cereal once daily.

Development: New sound-zerberk. So far, the only person to get a kiss from Lyla is Grammy. And is now able to suck on her own toes. Its so cute!

Mischief: Has started pinching quite a bit. She now has very quick reflexes when grabbing things out of your hands. Especially Mommy’s cups when she’s trying to drink.

Cuteness: Must say she looks adorable with her new earrings. She also flings herself around with a high pitch squeal when she gets excited. And pretty much everything else she does!

Talking: Still no words yet, but hopefully soon. She studies the movements of lips very much and tries to mimic, but just silly sounds so far.

Favorites: Her baby doll she got from Grandpa & Grammy for Christmas. And still loves going to Auntie’s house. And she loves sucking on her toes.

Firsts: Getting her ears pierced! Grammy had to go to help because Mommy felt so bad and couldn’t hold her while she got them done.

Concerns: Rash, eczema all over her body. And 4 more shots at her 6th month appointment.

A day in the life: Same